Samples for the New Key Layout A Concert on the Janko Keyboard
Here you can play Keyboard Accordion!
Here You see a New Piano Keyboard Layout, which is also used for real Instruments such as 6+6-Accordion or Keyboards.
White Keys represent the C-Scale, but are distributed between the upper and lower row, which makes up the progress from the medieval Piano Layout: Any Melody is played in the same way in each scale you want.

Use your keyboard to try this New Layout:
Click on the Applet below. Then press a lower console key (asdf... , zxcv...).
Click here if you don't hear a sound.
Mac-Users should redefine Caps Lock Key to the Command Key in "System Pref's->Keyboard->Special Keys" to avoid the "Hanging" of the Caps Lock tone.
Try 6+6-Accordion Light Version for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Or use your Tablet or Smartphone!

On Windows or Linux set your browser to "Full Screen" and try Notation Writer !
The first time you start it you'll probably have to do some preparations as described on the "Java Fails"-Page. This was not done on purpose but I'm sure you will overcome this little hurdle.
The program is becoming similar to piano-keyboard software, but here you already have a usable Standard-Instrument, that everybody owns: The Computer Console!

Still too slow and unsophisticated for most performances, but this may change fast.

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