Sound-Type-Writer (6+6)!
Click the Panel on the left. Now you should see the new 6+6-Accordion, which you can play with your Console.
It works on MacOS*), Windows and Linux !
Mount a ribbon on the left skews of your keyboard and hang it around your neck, or simply hold it between Your thighs. Now enjoy playing!
The left side bass is organized like the single-tone-rows of any Button-or Piano-Accordion:
In the circle of fifths it goes up and down.
The second column contains major or minor chords or the single thirds (see below: "Register Keys").

Even in "Single Mode" you can always access major- or minor-chords on neighbouring keys.
To accompany a melody you use chords that are located directly above each other.
Each major- or minor scale is played with the same fingering.
Once you have learned to play in one key you can play in any other as well.
Javascript-Version for PC-Keyboard, Smartphone and Tablet-PC!
Lesson 1: First Steps ->


More Lessons will follow

Register Keys:
  • Space bar : Right thumb lifts or lowers melody by an octave.
  • Function Keys : Left thumb switches between major and minor chords, when in chord-mode.
  • Escape and ^ change the range of the tones.
  • Enter switches between chord-mode and single bass tones.
  • Cursor keys change instruments of bass and melody.

  • *) Mac-Users should redefine Caps Lock Key to Command Key to avoid the "Hanging" of the Caps Lock tone. To learn how to do so, click here.