Music School Hamburger Harmonika, Version 1 is about to come in 2016.

"Hamburger Harmonika" implements the following features step by step:

1. Add lyrics to your composition (written as subscripts below the notes)
2. Save your texts and compositions for later editing
3. Edit several audio tracks
4. Practice basic tutorial exercises
5. Switch between 6+6, bayan and piano key layout
6. Notation for piano as well as for bayan and 6+6 with better scale representation
7. Transposing Notes and Playing from each Instrument to the others
8. Midi-Im-and Export
9. Rhythm-Loops to enhance the Metronome
10. Sound- and Register-Key-Enhancements
11. Usability for Tablet PC without Keyboard (for curious beginners)
12. Choose different Languages ( German, English, ...)

Don´t worry about errors and gaps that these free beta-versions still have.
Enjoy the features that already DO work, test the program menu and practice
playing the keyboard and strike the right notes.

You will be in a better position to make full use of the coming release of the program
and even transfer your playing technique to the new 6+6-instruments
as well as to your piano- or accordion play.

If it should go haywire at some point, just close the applet's browser window and start again.

I expect that the enormous facilitation of access to active music playing for EVERYBODY that will be achieved through these instruments is likely to influence the creation of music in the wider sense.

Composing and sight-reading might become as easy as whistling or lilting.

Perhaps music’s characteristic as a means of communication will come to the fore while technical virtuosity would develop naturally.