Good Bye to Piano Keyboards

Good music is simply wonderful - and miraculously simple - but not that simple as well.

Many people know that it's not so simple to replay easily and fluently what just looked and sounded so simple when the master played it.

You have to keep the tempo as well as the correct tones in melody and accompaniment.

Rhythm, Harmony, Melody, Text, Feeling, "Vibrations"...

It's a complex "building" of several "spiritual tracks".

Every mistake is heard. It sounds more or less cruel and obstructs the expression.

In difference to the piano the 6+6-accordion provides a key layout that plays all scales in the same way, so that you can master it faster.

And even if You want to stay with the old piano layout, you can play "Travel Piano" with the enhanced pc keyboard and the rest of this argumentation is still valid:

You need less devices for more purposes: The keyboard can write and play.

The "100$-Laptop"-Initiative as well as most music software get dramatically enhanced without having to deal with heavy device "crap".

All children can be educated not only in reading, writing, calculating and talking.

They also get a basic orchestra to their 10 fingers command, which can be much more fun than many other computer games!