Enhancements for the pc keyboards to play music:
  • A pressure sensitive layer should be mounted below the keys to enable touch sensitive playing(piano/FORTE).
  • Optimized keyboard drivers might accelerate key-tone-reaction and
    • enhance the playing of strong chords. (Polyphonie)
  • Extra keys (eMail, WebCam etc) might be placed regularly on a 6th row.
    This makes it possible to also give them an extra tone allocation (e.g. for an extra Accordion-Row).

    But in general: The existing key layout is sufficiant for excellent music playing!
    Layout like on an piano is not necessary, as Bajan-Samples show!
    Who is able to help realizing the previously listed enhancements?

    Who ever likes may mark special keys with palpable material to give his fingers a better orientation.
    You may practice with headphones to avoid disturbing neighbours.
    And - contrary to a piano - you may take your keyboard everywhere.
  • Paint, watch and read with (Touch-)Screen (iPad).
  • Talk and sing with your voice.
  • Write and play with your fingers and keyboard.