Free Accordion Applets for Your Keyboard
These Java programs don't compete with real instruments.
A good accordion or piano will always sound better, even compared to a touch sensitve keyboard.

But here you can try, which kind of accordion you would prefer. To start, choose one of the accordion kinds below.
Then use your simple pc keyboard held vertically (space bar right).

Click on the applet panel. Play! Finish by clicking outside of the panel.
Complexe compositions (two voices for two hands) are usually played on a piano, organ, and sometimes on accordion.
Now such compositions can be practiced on the pc keyboard to play them easier later on an accordion of your choice.

On a Mac practicing is even more fun because of it's lower key latency.

by Uwe Steger

Pure Bass


1. All applets display the keys "upside down" to correspond with a more logical notation.



But when you look to the keyboard at your belly directly and not through a mirror, the upper keys look like they look on the screen.

2. Keyboard language should be set to german!
Experts say, it usually takes 20 years before a man can play e.g. such things easily. But the piano has to be played differently in every scale. Future System is 6+6 !