From "Old Piano" for 2nd to "New Piano" for 3rd Millenium A.D.
Piano and it's #-Notation led western music through 2nd Millenium, founded in 11. Century by Guido v. Arezzo.

This project enables everybody to practice both hand playing of the most common keyboard instrumente
(piano, organ and accordion), just using the simple PC keyboard.

And this enables each beginner to scrutinize,
which system is the best for him, before he concentrates on a real instrument of this kind.

Many experts agree in this point::
It often needs 20 years of practicing before a man safely commands such an instrument and is able to express himself in each and every musical style.

And the piano system is not the only possible choice!

On the left you see a 6+6 Accordion. Key Layout for the right hand Melody Side is continiously chromatic.Bellows and Basses are identical with a "common" Accordion.
This instrument exactly meets Leonard Bernstein's Harvard Lectures about Chromaticism and the Circle of Fifths.
Bernsteins book according to these lectures is named "The Unanswered Question".
This Project here has the humble goal to enable everybody to compose, ask or answer in a musical way, simply by using his PC-Keyboard or Touchscreen.
Not only on stage but also in everyday talk or electronical love letters. And everyone can become his own or his best friend's event manager!

There are reasons to reject computers on the stage.
But why not practice with low noise before we enter the stage?