Handicaps of the simple pc keyboard

here we list up the handicaps you have to deal with:

1. "FortePiano": Still missing keyboard touch sensitivity
makes it impossible to play louder or lower just by the strength of pushing. That is a reason to prefer a real acoustic instrument. But if You don't have that yet and just know that it will be a kind of keyboard instrument, the applets provided here help You testing the different systems before You decide which is the best for You.
And not only the level of loudness expresses feelings, but also rhythm, trills and slight speed variations.

2. Delayed key-tone-reaction (especially with Windows)
This is a reason to prefer an Apple-Computer. But also Windows with a latency of about 50 milliseconds allows to practice fast pieces.
You just might have to deal with the strange experience that sometimes a tone starts sounding after you already have pressed the next one!
The Physician Stefan Klein describes a similar effect in his book "Zeit - Der Stoff, aus dem das Leben ist", in chapter "Flugzeuge, die Gedanken lesen" on page 98-99.
But anyway: Beginners better start practicing slowly.

3. Limited Polyphony (simultaneous pressing of different keys, e.g. chords)
Up to now your pc keyboard is designed for just writing, not playing music.
And it doesn't make sense to write more than one letter to the same place.
For that reason poliphonial playing is limited . So better try to play the tones fastly one after the other instead of playing them altogether (->Arpeggio).

Just simple technical approvements are needed to make the pc keyboard a fully competitive musical instrument creating much fun, even when played on a stage. Although these approvement on the keyboard have not been made yet, it is already valuable to give it a serious try!
And here's an advantage: The pc keyboard allows to dance while playing!