Mechanical Keyboard Instruments


Acoustic musical instruments sound much better than these electronic computer gadgets.
The instruments generate sounding notes through natural energy via vibrations of vocal chords, reeds, strings or organ pipes, which in turn resonate in the audience.

The piano lobby never regarded an accordion as a serious musical instrument.

This attempt to adapt not only piano, but also button accordion logics to the simple pc keyboard developes into a kind of David's Slingshot against the Goliath of the medieval musical piano system:
It enables everybody to compare the systems by trying them out.

Lang Lang's iPad-Piano-Promotion shows that this way is not serious compared to a real piano.
Here you can compare "Flight of the Bumblebee" being played on a real Accordion!
Besides a touchscreen is inferior against a pressure controlled keyboard in a physical sense.

Although good accordion bellow technique will never be reached by a pc keyboard,
an enhanced pc keyboard can surely be able to compete with any electronic piano keyboard!

Available 6+6-Instruments (Accordion and keyboard)