Project Organisation

This Chapter introduces all parts of Team-Project "Hamburger Harmonika" ("Net Key Harmonica") to coordinate the Tasks.

You are already enabled to practice this new popular music instrument aside.

I cannot finish such a huge project just by my own.

So I'm looking for partners, who are - like me - willing to work for fun and for free and await their money a bit later, convinced that the progress of this project will pay off very well in the end.

And I'm looking for partners who want to invest some money to enable us to pay some Co-Workers from the beginning on.

"Net Key Harmonica" will be the first musical instrument at school!

Talented pupils will play on a piano, real 6+6 or standard accordion, which sounds much better.

Protected Chapter "Java Applet" shows the current version of the program and provides a Forum for Programmers, Musicians and other Technicians to communicate currant tasks.