Join the Project!

Nowadays Computers are able to provide all kinds of music on the internet.

Our project will provide the second step of this technical revolution:
Everybody can play and replay each and every musical piece on his PC Keyboard to prepare his mastership on the real acoustic 6+6 accordion or standard button accordion.

On an Internet Archive we load and save our playing to create the new musical notes to be read and heard.

These notes can be heard and played in the concert hall as well as in caraoce bars or at base school , not only by experts but by all people who like music.

At lot of work for Programmers, Craftsmen, Musicians, Translators etc..

*) Economical success will rise with the project's progress.
There'll be enough benefit for everybody who helps it to succeed.
Maybe I already provided 8% of the final product.
Help solving the missing 92%!