PC Keyboard played like a String Instrument
Availabe High Quality Stage Instruments with a similar Key Layout:

Roger Linn demonstrates his Invention 2011
Geo-Synthesizer for iPad
Geo Synthesizer in a classic concert

Click on the panel below.
If you don't see an image now, then click here

The tones are played like on string instruments:
Each row corresponds to a row on your keyboard and a string on an acoustic instrument
Adjacent keys on the next higher row (string) are 5 semitones higher.
Leftmost key in lowest row is lowest tone and rightmost key in fourth row is highest tone
Tone C is marked with a black circle.
Press a few keys to get a feeling for the layout of the tones.

Register switches :
Space Bar : switches Key Rows one String down ( 5 semitones).
Function Keys : switch Key Rows one String up ( 5 semitones).
Shift left or §: shift all tones a semitone lower.
Backspace or Enter: shift all tones a semitone higher.
Cursor-Keys <- or ->: change sound (Midi Instrument).
Alt-left: switches key layout angle.
Alt-right: switches Key Coloring (Fourth Coloring or Black-White-Piano)

Escape: turns scale marking on and off (What's that?).
any letter key + Ctrl-left: Shows Major and Minor Scale of the chosen key (What's that?).

1. Better play single tones instead of many keys together(->Keyboard driver problem).
2. If image disappears or tones won't stop playing just press any of the register keys.
Differences to real string instruments: You can play more than one tone at a time on the same string. And left hand fingers play vice versa .

Click outside of the Applet Panel to make your keyboard to be your good old typewriter!