Lesson 1

  1. Chromatic scale for the right hand:
    Put the fingers of your right hand on the lowest row of the keyboard and press 5 consecutive keys, starting with your thumb (R0) up to your pinky (R4). Repeat this procedure on the next keyboard row up, starting again with the thumb on the key directly above the key you started with before.
  2. Chromatic scale for left hand:
    Now do the same with your left hand, but starting with pinky (L4) until thumb (L0).
  3. Chromatic Scale with both Hands simultaneously: (5 semitones apart):
    Put your left and right hand on lowest key row, all fingers side by side on 10 neighboring keys. Now play with both hands: Left pinky together with right thumb, then left ring finger together with right index finger ... up to left thumb together with right pinky. Repeat this on adjacent keys one row up..
  4. Chromatic Scale with both Hands: (shifted by an octave):
    Left hand plays like in previous exercise, but right hand starts 2 rows and 2 columns above.
    Now repeat previous exercise with this new left-right hand combination.