Navigation-Help for this Website
Click on upper left Image always leads back to Home Page.
Below this Image is the dynamic Menu:

Click on a Link
with Symbol
leads to a Page in the current Chapter,
like f.e. to this Navigationhelp-Page.
Click on a Link
with Symbol
leads to a new Chapter (in the current one).
The Menu then shows Pages and Sub-Chapters of this new Chapter.
Click on a Link
with Symbol
causes special Actions:
password-protected Areas,
Loading of Music Samples

Currently we are in Root-Chapter "Web-Notizen".
If You go to a Subchapter
, the Menu changes to "Subchapter Menu":
A "Link" to Subchapters Cover Page
is shown in a larger Font.
If Supchapter has one ore more "Parent-Chapters", Links to those get presented above "Link".

Below "Link" there are Links to Pages, Subchapters or Special-Actions of current Subchapter.
Additionally use the Back-Button of Your Browser!

"Logbuch" and "Aktuelles" show Hints to News on this Website.

Link to English-Translation (If present. Not all pages are available in english.)
Link to german Original
(Also try german pages and translate them by yourself!)
Link to free Java-Applet-Program
Link to Music-Samples