Help on Java-Applet Usage
If you don't want to install Java or play on iPad, iPhone and Tablet-PC, then play , because Java doesn't (yet) run (sufficiently) on these devices. "Tafelmusik" is a Javascript application, which will soon be enhanced.

To play with the Java Applets use your old desktop computer with keyboard, if you still have one. It works with Mac (best), Windows and Linux.The Applets for Piano, Accordion and more are no longer supported on newer browsers.
For this reason all Applets will be migrated to Java Web Start Applications. As soon as this has been done (after July 2018), you'll find a notice about it in Logbuch.

Even on older browsers: Before you play for the first time with the Applets for playing Piano, Accordion or Strings with your simple keyboard you usually have to activate Java.

Once you have done this, the following Options are the most important to assimilate the applets to your individual needs:

Change range of tonesTon with Escape and ยง-Key.
Change scale marking
with Ctrl-Key. Many Applets mark the tone-keys for the chosen scale.
Accordion Stradella-Bass can be switched on and off with Enter and
Major/minor can be switched with all Function keys.(using left thumb).
Melody octave is switched with space bar.(using right thumb)

Choose different instrument sounds for left and right hand (out of 128 choosable midi sounds). Instrument-Choice by using the cursor-keys is not the most comfortable way, but as soon as you know the order of the midi sounds, you'll find the sounds you like fast and easy. Names of currently chosen sounds get displayed on the applet panel.

Older applets are designed only for german keyboard settings. So, before playing, switch your keyboard settings to german.

Your settings, notes and played sequences cannot be saved yet with these free applets.
For this reason don't close the applet page, if you want to use it again in this PC-session.
But you can disconnect your internet connection and keep on playing.
To use your keyboard for making music click on the applet.
To use the keyboard as the normal typewriter minimize the applet-window or click outside of the applet.
So your settings stay in the memory but don't interfere with other PC activities.