If JAVA fails:
iPad and Tablet PC don't (yet) support JAVA (sufficiently).
If your Computer belongs to a workgroup or office network, you have to ask your System Administrator to perform the following preparations.
If this is not possible, try to get the intention of this website.

Otherwise, check if Your System meets the following requirements, try to fix problems and then load the Java Page again:

1. Your PC should be able to play music.

2. You don't see a rotating Color Cube on the right?

Then you should either install Java,

or adjust your Java Security Settings:
In Windows Start Menu choose "Configure Java", section "Security".
Check upper left box to "Activate Java".

Then add this Website (http://www.gerd-r-hamann.de) to the white list of trusted websites. When you reload the page confirm the security question with "yes" (allow to execute).

This is how it works on Windows 7.

On other Systems (Windows 8, Linux, Mac) it should work in a similar way.

Here is a Java-Browser for iPhone and iPad.

Users outside of Germany should set their Systems Keyboard Layout to "German" for proper Key Playing: Right Click on the Language Symbol (e.g. "EN") on Your Task Bar, add German and choose it.