Play AXiS-Controller on your PC-Keyboard!
This Applet You can play just on Your LapTop without external Keyboard!

AXiS-Controller-Layout by C-Thru is oriented to Euler's Sound-Net and is used by many Musicians. Some Music-Samples:
AXiS Demo, Ragtime, It Rocks !, Jazz Ballads

Click on panel below.

You should see a part of the AXiS-Controller which You can play with both hands on Your PC keyboard.(If not, click here)
The Applet only gives an idea. Full advantage of AXiS can only be experienced with it's full area.
1. Play more single keys fast instead of alltogether (->Keyboard Driver).
2. Press Space Bar twice if sound won't finish.
3. If View vanishes, press
Escape and ^.
If You click outside the panel your keyboard is the normal typewriter again!
Escape and ^: change Tone Range.
Cursor-Keys: change Sound(<>).
Tone+Ctrl-left: shows scale.
Space Bar: Octave switch
Enter: changes Colors.
F12: changes Layout-Angle
*) Mac-Users should redefine Caps Lock Key to Command Key to avoid the "Hanging" of the Caps Lock tone. To learn how to do so, click here.