12-Tone-Scale Harmony is a Law of Nature
Der Grundton, erste Oberschwingung von 100Hz, hat hier 200 Hertz und trifft 100 mal pro Sekunde seine Quinte von 300 Hertz

A fifth pulsates 1.5 times faster than its base tone. If you put another fifth to the first fifth and repeat putting further fifths, after 12 fifths you will get a tone which is very similar to the base tone: It is its 7th octave. ( 1st octave pulsates 2 times faster as its base, 2nd oktave 4 times,...,7th octave 128 times faster.) If you only put 7 fifths instead of 12, you get octaves of all tones in a Major or minor scale. These facts prove:
=> 12-Tone Scale in Music is a universal law of nature!
7-Tone-Major- and minor-Scales are harmonical laws of nature as well!

12 fifths make up 7 octaves of a piano and these 85 tones are all in the range of a human ear.
But there is a very little pitch: After 12 fifths you would not get exactly the 7th octave, meaning a tone that pulsates 128 times faster but a tone that pulsates 129.74 times faster.
But if we change the fifth factor slightly from 1.5 down to 1,4983 then we get exactly the 7th octave! That is why since about 400 years a piano gets tuned using this factor instead of the pure fifth factor 1.5, to get this closed 12 tone system of a well tempered piano. (see also: "Pythagorean comma", "Well temperament").

This little difference from factor 1,4983 to 1,5 cannot weaken the Harmonical 12-Tone Law of Nature, because it doesn't produce a dissonance, but a comfortable vibration instead.
To prove the quality of this tuning J.S.Bach composed fugues in each of the 12 scales in this system.

In contrast to 12-tone scale, the 13-tone scale of Bohlen-Pierce (BP) ist not useful according to harmony, because the most important overtone, the octave, doesn't exist in BP. This absence affects BP Melody like a genetic defect affects human lives. Further disadvantages of BP are: It has much less tones in the range that can be heard by humans, it doesn't sound good together with 12-tone scale, and for dissonances you also don't need BP . => BP can be seen as a kind of "Anti-Music", just to demonstrate the great quality of 12-Tone-Scale by the inferiority of BP.*)

Not a law of nature is also C-Major-Priority : This is randomly defined by the piano keyboard layout, just as randomly as the Change of Tone A from 435 to 440 Hertz after World War 2. But Factor 1,4983 works on each base tone. However, tuning of key tones can never be perfect: It can't compete with the pure fifth tuning of a violin (if played so brillantly)

*)BP may also be interpreted as an abreviation of "Bullshit-Profiling" that some scholarly persons like to practice: BP Fans are lacking part 2 of an attribute pair that Albert Einstein wished for scientific workers: "Two things we need in our work: Indefatigable endurance and the willingness to throw away wrong things that took us a lot of time and work."
Very few people like it to get convinced to stop what they're doing, but for myself, I am open to it, if somebody or something is convincing: The truth. ("Stop what you're doing, get down upon your knees. I've a message for you, that you better believe")
("... calls the faithful to their knees...")