One Keyboard for two Instruments

Click on left panel

Here you play a Bass with your left hand on lower part of the keyboard and Melody at the same time on the upper part with your right hand.

Hold keyboard vertically
, space bar right.
Choose sounds with cursor keys

Choose vokume-balance with F1 or Escape .

Bass-Strings get played on the lower 5 diagonal rows (e.g. A,S,D,F...Q,W,E,R,T...)
Melody with right hand on diagonal rows above.

Keys on top and on bottom change octaves of both instrument separately.
Keys on left and right side
switch to higher or lower strings.

Alt left: changes direction of strings.
Space bar and function keys(F2-F12) switch to higher or lower strings (5 semi tones).

Shift left and ^ switch bass oktave lower or higher.
Backspace or Enter switch melody oktave lower or higher.
Cursor-Keys: change instrument sound of bass or melody.

Ctrl links: shows scake keys for latest played tone.(What's that?),
Further pressing of Ctrl switches key colors (colored or piano black & white), or shows tone numbers.

Click outside of the Applet Panel to make your keyboard to be your good old typewriter!