Real Instruments

Acoustic musical instruments sound much better than these electronic computer gadgets. The instruments generate sounding notes through natural energy via vibrations of vocal chords, reeds, strings or organ pipes, which in turn resonate in the audience.

My goal is to reconstruct the melody side of a conventional accordion and market a new, exchangeable discant side at an affordable and fair price so that each accordionist may continue using his/her beloved instrument.

I am calling on all accordion builders to send me an offer!

The piano lobby has kept up a smoke screen regarding an expensive comparable accordion, claiming the lack of any demand, no existing market, too high investment costs etc., although palying such an accordion would be much easier and its construction much simpler than that of a conventional accordion.

The long history of refusals on behalf of the instrument makers puffed my sails of designing a reconstruction myself in order to fulfil my dream of an alternative accordion at an affordable price.

This has developed into a kind of David's Slingshot against the Goliath of a medieval musical system.

Not even the IPad-Piano-Promotion of Lang Lang can do anything about that.
Piano-Key-Layout is as inferior in a "music-logical" sense as any touchscreen is inferior against a pressure controlled keyboard in a physical sense.

But Piano Lobbyists are conscious about these inferiorities and try to mislead customers by demonstrating:
"Look: We can also play with computers, but that's a crap anyway."
And now hear a "real" instrument!